When Your Shoes Feel Good Your Feet Feel Good And You Feel Great!

I just spent three days in the Desert, in Indian Wells California, for a three day music festival called ” Desert Trip. It was the most incredible experience,  and I will write  about it, but first I wanted to tell you how I survived standing for three days, movin’ and groovin’ to six  of the most amazing, outstanding, and awesomely inspiring Rock and Roll Bands-the groups that made music what it is today- Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones. Neil Young, Paul McCartney,The Who and Roger Waters!  And the just walking from the parking lot to the fair grounds, and the fair grounds themselves required acres and acres of desert walking.  So,   I have a little secret- a little something  that I put in my shoes (any shoes-from my highest of high heels, to my flip flops) to make them more comfortable.  And when we (women) are comfortable in our shoes, then our feet feel good. When our feet feel good, we feel good, and we are happy happy happy – and when we’re happy  then we can accomplish anything, we can conquer the world!  So I  want to let you all in on my little secret, that ends up being a life-saver every time I have to wear shoes, walk in shoes and even stand in shoes! (Something we all do every now and then)!!!

I, like most women, love shoes.  I love the look of women in high heels. There is nothing hotter and sexier than when we wear high heels.  And we feel it, we feel hot and sexy and gorgeous and special in those red-bottomed Christian Louboutins, or the newest Jimmy Choos, and we can’t forget the Manolo Blahniks.  When I bought an expensive pair of Valentino spikes to wear to my son’s wedding, I felt amazing prancing around in the store with them on.  But after a few minutes I began to have foot pain that felt as if my feet were burning, and cramping.  The Instant Arches gave me more time to feel comfortable in those gorgeous shoes.  The problem with gorgeous, high heels is that yes, they are absolutely beautiful, but they are designed with only one thing in mind, and it isn’t comfort, it is style.  They are designed to be hot and sexy, they are not designed with anything in mind that even resembles comfort.

Doctor Rosenberg’s Instant Arches ($12) put in any, and I mean any pair of shoes, high heels, sandals, flip flops, flats, ANY shoe you have, any size you are, it is your new secret weapon for wearing the shoes that you love and actually feel more comfortable in them!



Dr. Rosenberg’s Instant Arches were designed because women were looking for something extra that they could put in their shoes that would give them support, comfort, and pain support.


These Instant Arches are the perfect women’s shoe accessory that will make their shoes fit better.


Instant arches have been tried and tested for over twenty years.


The Instant Arches will fit in almost all types of women’s shoes, such as loafers, high heels. dressy, athletic, casuals and sandals.


I even put them in my dressy boots!

The Instant Arches gave me more length inside the shoe, length I needed so my foot didn’t get scrunched in the shoe, and start to cramp up.  This extended the length of time I was able to wear the shoe.  The design of the Instant Arches is Dr. Rosenberg’s unique design that supports the bones and joints of the foot that need to be supported in  your shoe which will allow you to wear the shoes you love, and be more comfortable in them!  I was able to walk, and stand for hours and hours at Desert Trip because I even put them in my flip flops for more comfort and support!  Where high heels are concerned, the Instant Arches will also stop the foot from sliding forward, which will take the pressure off of the ball of the foot.

Say goodbye to your big, cumbersome orthodix once and for all!  Instant Arches are made from a unique and durable closed-cell foam which creates maximum support, comfort and cushion  for tired and sore feet.  They have a specially-formulated adhesive that allows adjustments in all shoes and prevents movement during normal wear.  They are one-size fits all.  They really are life-saving for me-when I wear high heels, boots, and even when I exercise in my sneakers !

You Are Awesome!


Sookie and Sylvie

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